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This list will undoubtedly grow over the coming months. 2003-02-16 NOTE: The 1600SW DVI Adapter only gets its power from this slot; no PCI bus communication occurs so the adapter card will not trigger a “New Hardware Found” message from your computer. Replace and secure the computer cover. 7.

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To go with it I grabbed an almost-new SGI 1600SW widescreen, flat-panel display. 17.3-inches diagonal, 1600×1024 native resolution at 110dpi and an industrial design that’s won awards. [ Informative PDF here. ] A lovely display.


Replace and secure the computer cover. 7.

Sgi 1600sw

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コンピュータ関連 2016/ 07/2915:32 0 -. 0sgi_10.jpg 我が家には、Silicon Graphics O2 が、昔から有り  2006년 5월 5일 서울 직거래입니다. SGI사이트에는 일반그래픽카드에서 1280x1024까지밖에 지원 안된다고 나와있는데 1600x1024 지원됩니다. 지포스 드라이버  11 Dec 2005 Used SGI 1600sw's are readily available, and sometimes at dirt cheap prices. I use a 1600SW on my desktop machine with the Number 9  The SGI O2 also supports the 1600SW with an adapter.

Sgi 1600sw

October 3, 2008. Tom Kranz · Silicon Graphics FAQs. SGI Logo  Exempelvis visar skärmar i medicinsk bildbehandling, maskinsyn och byggutrustning OpenLDI-chipsets. SGI 1600SW använde gränssnittet.
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$ 10.99 +$0.00 shipping Quick Search: : in FAQ | Search; | | Search | SGI 1600SW Monitor + Number Nine Revolution IV Card + Ubuntu I've got this old SGI 1600SW Monitor paired with a Number Nine Revolution IV card that I would like to get working with Ubuntu Desktop. In 800x600 mode it doubled up the image on the monitor. SGI sold the monitor primarily under Model #AM173Y01. For its time the 1600SW was revolutionary, featuring a 17.3 inch diagonal wide screen panel, in a market then dominated by CRT monitors. The 1600SW had a 16:10 aspect ratio (referred to by SGI as SuperWide) with a resolution of 1600 x 1024 pixels.

Verkaufe 1x SGI MultiLink  Jag tänkte se om jag kunde hitta en SGI 1600SW i fint skick, men jag tänkte höra om det går och ha deras skärm till en vanlig pc. Jag har ett Ati kort med De tre monitorerna som medverkar är NEC 1830-BK, Sony SDM-M81, och SGI 1600SW. Alla tre monitorerna ska kosta under 1500 dollar (drygt 15000kr).
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As pictured with stand. Pulled from a working  Photos of workstation setup: Photos of O2 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Adapter installation: Other photos: Screenshots: Current system configuration:  1999年6月30日 米SGIは28日(現地時間)、17.3インチTFTカラー液晶ディスプレイ『Silicon Graphics 1600SW』において、Linuxをサポートすることを発表  23 May 2018 [Lawrence] and [Brad] had both worked at SGI during its heyday and had there was a company '' that often had those sgi 1600sw  ColorLock, Silicon Graphics 1600SW, Silicon Graphics 320, and Silicon. Graphics 540 are and double-click the SGI ColorLock icon. The ColorLock Main  The first flat panel monitor to use this interface was SGI's award-winning 1600SW with a 1600x1024x16M resolution.

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Using an all-digital interface and a unique SuperWide™ (16:10) aspect ratio, the 1600SW delivers a razor sharp image that has attracted a wide audience driving the display on a variety of platforms and hardware. The SGI 1600SW was an award-winning LCD display costing over $2000 when it was new I drooled over it for quite some time before finding one on ebay for $50 (+$15 for a special video-card) a few years back.

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2018-02-23 SGI does not recommend using the 1600SW with Silicon Graphics MultiLink in a dual-head configuration with these cards. The following graphics cards are SuperWide Savvy, but connect to the 1600SW without the use of the Silicon Graphics MultiLink adapter: 2008-11-02 2001-12-16 Product Attributes: brand=sgi, mpn=1600sw, type=monitor, sku=846730148512351, types=monitor stand adapter.

The 1600SW is a widescreen flat panel video monitor from Silicon Graphics introduced in 1998. It won many awards after release and sold 54,000 units.