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The centripetal force is affected by mass, radius of the orbit, and angular velocity (related linearly to mass and radius but related to the square of angular velocity). Circular motion with speed v in a path of radius R has period (time for one revolution) T and frequency (revolutions/s) f = 1/ T . Since the object travels a distance 2 π R (the circumference of its circular path) in time T the speed v is equal to The purpose of this lab is to investigate the effect of mass on centripetal force using both measured and calculated values. Theory In the diagram at right, the apparatus rotates around the center of the blue force sensor, allowing the upwards direction to be noted as the radial, or positive, direction. In the motion of the Earth about the Sun (approximately circular) the force is provided by the gravitational attraction of the Sun. The magnitude of the centripetal acceleration is given by: a = v 2 /R 2015-04-12 · The radius is inversely proportional to the frequency of the circular motion when the centripetal force is constant. 2.) The mass is inversely proportional to the frequency of the circular motion when the centripetal force is constant.

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Place a dot on the circle to represent your rotating washer. Add a straight line from the dot to the center of the circle, representing the radius of rotation (the string). Now label the direction of the tangential velocity and the centripetal force. For this lab you will be looking at the force necessary to hold a hover disk in circular motion based on the speed of the disk, the radius of the circle and the mass of the disk. Click on the "BEGIN" button below to start the lab. Use the arrows to adjust the mass and radius. Generate new speeds when you want to see how speed influences tension.

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2015-04-12 2014-09-18 Circular Motion Lab – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!! Centripetal force causes a moving object to follow a curved path.

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Circular force lab answers

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Cups Classic Circular Force Lab. CLICK HERE to get to the lab!! classic_circular_force_lab.docx: File Size: 42 kb: File Type: docx: Download File. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.

This pull or force is called a centripetal force (Fc).
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Since the object is moving in circles around its axis of rotation, we can calculate its average angular velocity $(\bar{\omega})$ by dividing the total angular displacement $(\Delta \theta)$ by the total time $(\Delta t)$: 2014-09-24 · The purpose of the lab is to experimentally determine graphical and mathematical relationship between specific independent and dependent variables. 2. Materials: 3. Procedure: 1.

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This pull or force is called a centripetal force (Fc). You may also have noticed that a more massive (m) item requires more effort in your swing.

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Click on the "BEGIN" button below to start the lab. Use the arrows to adjust the mass and radius. Generate new speeds when you want to see how speed influences tension. Circular Motion Lab Report Rohan Tandon Physics 151 Section LQ 04/07/15 Abstract In this experiment we studied centripetal force with the help of a spring and a rotating bob. We first calculate the centripetal force, by adjusting the radius and weighing the masses. Circular Motion Lab “An object that moves in a circle at constant speed v is said to undergo uniform circular motion. Examples are a ball on the end of a string revolved around one’s head.” –Douglas Giancoli Purpose This lab will allow us to examine the relationship between mass, velocity, radius, and centripetal force.

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